Immunity from Birth & Death

Spiritual emancipation begins with self-realization: Who am I? Why do I exist? What is my purpose? Why am I controlled by forces outside of me? Why do I suffer? Why is my happiness fleeting and temporary? Why do I have to struggle for existence? Why do I face death?  

Why do I ignore all these questions or fail to find honest answers? 

Death always finds every living being regardless of their social position, level of intelligence, power, wealth, determination, or species. Every event, emotion, relationship, fear, activity…experienced between birth and death is seen and known. 

What is seen at death and after? Are there answers that are absolute and unchangeable across time, regardless of changing civilizations, religions, and philosophies? 

The sun rises and sets, unchanging and constant. 

Absolute knowledge is unchanging and constant, now, a million years in the past, a million years in the future, in every universe and planet, in all circumstances and for every unique living being. 

Natural and Spiritual laws can be ignored, defied, and broken, but never defeated as the resulting reactions are invincible and always carried out. 

Wars, hurricanes, earthquakes, famine, disease, and all calamities and sufferings are examples of resultant reactions from breaking these infallible laws which govern the material dimension. 

The opposite is also true: prosperity, peace, beneficial and regulated climate, abundance, happiness, are examples of resultant reactions of knowing and following the natural and spiritual laws that govern the universe. 

Beyond the good and bad results, the pain and pleasure, the birth and death, the order and chaos, the heavenly and hellish conditions, the unrelenting control of cruel time, exists a place completely devoid of all these material conditions of duality and suffering. 

The only requirement to enable anyone to come to the platform of perfect understanding is a sincere desire to humbly receive this transcendental knowledge descending from that eternal place where the only law is perfect love

The human form of life is suitable for inquiring into and understanding the science of Bhakti Yoga which breaks the bonds of material reaction and results in the perfection of existence. 

Person caged in a cell

Trapped on the insurmountable wheel of birth and death, no solutions are possible to be found within the speculative minds of all the intellectuals, philosophers, and “religionists”, who for all time have struggled and failed to understand Spiritual Truth as it is. 

One who has seen the truth enlightens those sincere living beings who are genuine seekers of truth, releasing them from the temporary illusions of an unending cycle of birth ending in death, and mistakenly called “life”.

Anywhere and everywhere on this planet earth, among individuals, families, cities, states, countries, and societies, regardless of the species, controllers or dominators exert their power. Similarly, universal controllers manage all the forces acting on the planetary systems within the confined universe or prison of birth and death. 

Every eternal living being in the material universe is imprisoned in a material cell (the body, mind, and intelligence) and is allowed to move about the prison (the material world), ironically feeling “free”, not realizing that the death sentence has been pronounced and is simply waiting to be carried out. In the penitentiary this same situation places the person on “death row”. 

Nobody in their right mind desires to spend their life in prison, yet every living being is trying to enjoy their endless imprisonment in the material world by incessantly attempting to find happiness where no real happiness can be found. Surviving incarceration life after life does not equal true existence. 

The solution revealed by those who are enlightened takes root in the heart of the living being when received by aural reception. This pure transmission of transcendental knowledge emanates from one who has themself received it from the pure source.  

The conditions of our true and actual existence are eternality, full knowledge, and ever- increasing spiritual happiness resulting from the most intense, satisfying perfection of our loving relationship of service to the most perfectly attractive Supreme Being. 

To begin and culminate this journey of uncovering one’s original identity, position, and function, the path of Bhakti Yoga stands supreme. When faithfully and sincerely followed, Bhakti Yoga transports one from enduring the suffering of material life to the world of unending and ever expanding spiritually perfect relationships.  

These eternal relationships unfold like the petals of the Lotus flower, blooming with unlimited varieties of intensely pleasurable activities in the mood of servant, friend, parent, or lover with the Supreme Attractive Person

In stark contrast, the embodied living being tastes disappointment, frustration, anxiety, and anger while trapped in illusory temporary relationships of this world. Each of these relationships, built over a lifetime, generates uncountable attachments which cause immense suffering as the living being is cruelly forced from the useless body at the time of death. 

This false position of identifying oneself with a temporary body made of matter reduces the pure and eternal living being to a state of ignorance referred to as “false ego”. 

As the sun rises, crosses the sky, and then sets; similarly, the living being enters the body and is born, crosses the expanse of life, and then leaves the body at death. 

What then is the body? The body can be understood to be a machine made of matter, energized by the eternal living being and utilized to interact with other embodied living beings in a counterfeit attempt to imitate the activities of the spiritual dimension.  

All such attempts end in complete failure because matter and material activities are temporary by nature. The living being is eternal by nature and meant to exist in the eternal spiritual world complete with all varieties of spiritual forms, relationships, and activities. 

When inhabiting a material form the living being endeavors to enjoy life. Having forgotten completely his spiritual form and identity, the living being mistakes the machine made of matter (the body) as the most important person in his life (me!) 

Very few persons approach the Truth with an honest desire and determination to openly receive the greatest gift of love that can be given: to be raised to the transcendental platform of eternality, complete knowledge, and perfect unending ever-expanding love and happiness in our uniquely perfect relationship with the Perfect Supreme Person. This is the true goal of life, achieved through the process of Bhakti Yoga

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About Author:

Sahadeva das is an initiated disciple of Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa who comes in a long line of bona fide yoga spiritual masters. Sahadeva das considers it his great fortune in life to have heard and learned from a self-realized soul and is humbly attempting to pass on what he has received.