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Artist Grant

Supporting those using plants and flowers as artistic material

Art has the power to change perspectives. We use art to stimulate the brain, expect it to push the boundaries of what we think we know about our environments, and lead us out of our comfort zones. Art can work as a catalyst for change, and is therefore a crucial part of any movement. For Let it Grow, art can offer new perspectives on our traditional attitude towards plants and flowers, and encourage us to change the latter.

Change perspectives with

Seed funding

The artist grant

What we offered in 2016

Flowers have long been the subject of artistic representation. Let it Grow Lab wanted to cast a new light on this relationship by offering a €10,000 grant to an artist changing our perspective about traditional mediums by using plants and flowers in their work. By providing funding and materials, we sought to help realise pieces that are thought-provoking, inspiring and rooted in an urban context.

Meet the artist

The first artist to receive a Let it Grow grant is photographer Elspeth Diederix. Fascinated with the beauty of nature as well as the ordinary, everyday object, Diederix’s images bring all of her subjects to a higher level. Each image is meticulously crafted, based on extensive research, yet looks like a scene she simply happened to stumble upon. Her work is meant to break us out of our preconceived notions and attitudes towards her subjects, and she does so with a quiet simplicity.


Read all about Elspeth’s Miracle Garden project here.