Let it Grow

The Futurist

Sketching the future

New relationships, new industries, new rituals; there are so many directions in which we can grow. From shaping local initiatives to influencing major governmental decisions, with time we can give form to our ideas and offer new solutions to the urban challenges we still face. We invite you to sketch a green future with us.

What if architects incorporate green into the core of their buildings and plants become the principal conductors of electricity?

What if temperatures are stable and vegetation comes in such abundance that cities are host to all kinds of wildlife?

A bar, a hotel, a museum, an academy. What if plants and flowers are so deeply rooted into our lifestyles that no popular destination will be able to go without green?

What if we plant little seeds in the minds of pupils all over the world, teaching them about the value of plants and flowers so they adopt a green lifestyle from an early age?