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Our plant addiction is not just a craze


Words by Georgie Sinclair

Photos by Lotte van Raalte

Are we millennials that predictable? We take up a new interest, only to discover that a whole procession has already beaten us to it. We’ve seen it with the ‘millennial pink’ craze and now we’re doing it with houseplants. Lotte van Baalen of the world-famous Instagram account, PlantsOnPink, is here to tell us why.

You seem to have captured a zeitgeist with your PlantsOnPink Instagram account. How did that come about?

I think I just gave name to a worldwide trend. The ‘millennial pink’ thing was already up and coming, and I subconsciously saw it. Gender also plays a part. Pink used to be really gendered, to the point that it became obsolete. But it’s not only for girls, and these days gender stereotypes are much more fluid. Pink has really become something for everyone again. Take the artist Michelangelo; he always painted God in pink, and the Virgin Mary – who was considered the height of femininity – was mostly pictured in blue. In pink you can find that soft and nurturing feeling that everybody looks for in their hectic lives. And that really goes hand-in-hand with our love for plants.

So it’s our way of connecting to calmer, more natural elements?

We don’t live amongst nature anymore, and without it we miss it. Speaking of femininity, it is the same with women’s reproductive cycles. It’s really great that it exists of course, but when we didn’t take birth control pills we couldn’t choose whether or not we could have children. Our monthly cycles were much more aligned with the moon. People are really trying to tune back into nature


Which is difficult for most of us who are living in busy cities.

Yes, and on top of that, real nature is becoming much more scarce. With all this ecological abuse and overconsumption, our society is emerging and resetting our attitude and respect for Planet Earth. We have used up all the fossil fuels, we have used up all our resources, and our forests are now our furniture. Climate change is real. Of course, President Drumpf is saying it’s not, but if anything that has just empowered the rest of the world to put their heads together to make climate change something of the past. Owning plants is just one gesture to show we care.

Will it end?

Of course, the PlantsOnPink trend will end. But plants have proven that they are not just a trend. They never went in or out of fashion. You can see that on my platform. People are out there creating all this, it’s not just me. I only host it. Now we are surrounded by plants, both online and offline, which is really good for people in this day and age.


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