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Bloemen Voor

Giving flowers to strangers to create kind and colourful cities


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Bloemen Voor, or Flowers For, started as a personal project. Whenever Anne bought a bouquet of flowers for herself, she would also buy one for a stranger. Just because. The project has now transformed into a full blown operation with volunteers in various cities, handing out flowers to complete strangers at random. The ambition is to bring people together, through flowers. Handing someone flowers is the perfect excuse to start a conversation, and a way to meet people you wouldn’t have met otherwise. Giving flowers to a stranger expands your horizon and forces you out of your comfort zone. On the blog, Anne and her volunteers tell the stories behind the operation, the people they meet and the connections they make. Bloemen Voor wants everyone in the Netherlands to have given flowers to a stranger at least once by 2020. The aim is to make the city a more colourful, friendly and social place to live.

Founded By
Anne Zwartbol
Anne Zwartbol - Let It Grow
Anne Zwartbol - Let It Grow


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