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Denise Collignon

The artist creating haunting and romantic flower sculptures


Creative Studio
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With a long background in floral design, Denise Collignon creates stunning installations using flowers and plants. Whether using withered blooms in her ‘Memento Mori’ series or fashioning ‘fertility goddess’ headdresses out of vegetation, Collignon uses plants and flowers to explore the themes of age and growth in her work. Her pieces have also been influenced by other famous flower and garden artists such as Vincent van Gogh and Hieronymus Bosch as she recreates similar feelings of the surreal and explosions of colour. As an artist she seeks to express herself through natural materials and celebrate the transience of flowers.

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Denise Collignon
Photo via denisecollignon.com
Photo via denisecollignon.com
Photo via denisecollignon.com


Changing perspectives about plants and flowers