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Farmbot Genesis

An 'assemble-at-home' robot creating sustainable vegetable and plant gardens


San Luis Obispo
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FarmBot Genesis is the world’s first open-source CNC farming system. The highly sophisticated growing system is designed for small-scale farming which can be assembled in your garden, greenhouse and even on a rooftop. On a game-like interface you can drag and drop plants to customise your garden. A seeder then injects seeds into the soil according to your design and a water valve individually waters each crop according to its species, age and soil conditions. The system also includes a camera, a weeder and a soil sensor to ensure optimum growth. FarmBot aims to capture the DYI spirit of growing your own food but also aims to bring sustainable growing methods into people’s homes. In an age of wasteful agricultural methods, the precision farming style of FarmBot hopes to revolutionise food production. The system grows vegetables with 25 per cent fewer CO2 emissions than those found in USA supermarkets and can also be connected to solar panels for an even more environmentally friendly food source. You can watch a video explaining how FarmBot Genesis works here.

Founded By
Rory Aronson
Photo via farmbot.io
Photo via farmbot.io
Photo via farmbot.io

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