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An all-in-one sensor kit to take care of your plants


Green tech
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Gardian helps you take care of your plants by providing a small sensor to be placed in the soil next to your green friend. An app lets you check up on its health any place, any time, and gives you access to expert help, advice, and notifications about the plant’s conditions. The Gardian solution combines hardware and software in order to make taking care of your plants much easier. A small sensor made up of a solar cell, radio chip, and three LED lights is placed next to your plants, and connected to a simple 'internet of things' network to broadcast the sensor's findings. An app gives you tips and tricks, and care guides for specific plants, and also warns you if something's up with your plant.

Founded By
Martijn Lukaart, Kelly Ferwerda, Mats Rietdijk en Tolga Paksoy
Courtesy of Marie Wanders

Green tech

Merging the latest technologies with plants and flowers