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Habitat Horticulture

The green wall company seeking to inspire through their artistic designs


San Francisco
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California is defined by its creative energy, from the art hub of San Francisco to the spirit of innovation in Palo Alto and Silicon Valley. Habitat Horticulture is the green wall company adding to this vibrancy by bringing greenery into the buildings of these creative enterprises, kitting them out with living architecture in venues such as the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, The California Academy of Sciences and Dailymotion Headquarters. They carefully measure the micro-climates of these buildings to provide an appropriate ‘plant palette’ that will survive in the long-run. They also waterproof the wall, install an irrigation system and provide monthly maintenance check-ups. The company also go horizontal with their products by creating beautiful ‘living tables’ which allow you to eat meals or work on a lush garden. Like all green walls, these spaces have the benefits of being natural temperature regulators, adding more biodiversity into urban areas and maximising on space efficiency in the close quarters of city living. Habitat Horticulture also strives to provide artistic designs which stimulate the viewer.

Founded By
David Brenner
Photo via habitathorticulture.com
Photo via habitathorticulture.com
Photo via habitathorticulture.com


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