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Healthy Workers

Creating happy workers with healthy office environments


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Healthy Workers believes in improving the health and well-being of the working force. They create green and healthy offices with active, happy workers. How? By working to improve your food, body, mind, and surroundings. The dashboard lets employers monitor the results in real time, and gives them the insights they need to make continuous improvements. Companies invest thousands of euros in their employees’ health and well-being, but they have no insight into how effective this investment really is. By providing insightful data into their employees’ well-being, Healthy Workers enables companies to create the perfect balance between green, food, sport and work. Want to know more about Healthy Workers? Take a look at their story.

Founded By
Boy Lokhoff, Guus Meulendijks & Ricardo van Loenen
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Photo via healthyworkers.nl
Photo via healthyworkers.nl

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