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Ikebana City

Transforming wild plants into works of art


Creative Studio
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Ikebana City is a project by artists Lotte Geeven and Sema Bekirovic, and is a mix between photography, performance art, graffiti, and urban biology. While working in New York in 2011, the artists started collecting wild plants growing through the pavement in the city, which they brought into their studio to be photographed as classic still lives. These still lives position the wild plants amongst the classic botanical images, herewith transforming an every day appearance into a work of art. Posters of these photographs were hung at the sites where the plants were found, introducing passersby to the beauty of these plants. Ikebana City is an on-going project, and has already collected plants in New York, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Antwerp, and Berlin.

Founded By
Lotte Geeven & Sema Bekirovic
Photo via ikebanacity.com
Photo via ikebanacity.com
Photo via ikebanacity.com


Changing perspectives about plants and flowers