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Monsieur Plant

An artist using plants and flowers to create fantastical pieces of natural and urban art


Creative Studio
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French artist Christophe Guinet aka Monsieur Plant repeatedly uses plants, flowers, trees and moss in his work. From crafting skateboards out of tree bark in his ‘Natural Skateboarding’ project to substituting spray paint for lichen in graffiti pieces for the ‘Think Nature’ Street Art Festival in Marseille, each of his projects bring elements of forest fantasy into the urban space. By creating temporary, biodegradable pieces, he makes political statements about consumer culture. He often uses capitalist images such as in his ‘Just Grow It!’ project – a flower-inspired take on the Nike shoe which aimed to send the message of nature’s triumph over man and his consumer interests.

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Christophe Guinet
Photo via monsieurplant.com


Changing perspectives about plants and flowers