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A brand new species of plant pots shooting roots


Creative Studio
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The Monstera series, consisting of the Monstera Magnifica (exalted) and Monstera Fugiens (fleeing), is a ‘species’ of plant pots designed by Dutch designer Tim van de Weerd. Its ornate ‘roots’ are an extension of the plant rather than a separate object. The delicate legs are made of steel bars, bent by hand and moulded with industrial, chemical epoxy clay. This approach gives the Monstera design its fragile look but also an unexpected strength. The mission is to liberate the plant from the windowsill so they can regain their natural freedom, even inside. The award-winning design casts a new light on the otherwise rigid and oppressive traditional plant pot.

Founded By
Tim van de Weerd
Photo via timvandeweerd.nl
Photo via timvandeweerd.nl


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