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Pasona Urban Farm

Tokyo models our farms of the future


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A subterranean urban farm in downtown Tokyo might sound like it belongs to a parallel universe, but recruitment firm Pasona Group began in their to mission to reconcile workers with the environment by claiming a 10,000 sq foot spot under their office to harvest crops year round. To overcome the absence of sunlight the farm functioned using LED lighting and hydroponic systems allowing the crops to grow 30-50% faster than a traditional harvest and in a pesticide free environment. The project’s success led the launch of the Urban Farm in 2010. Over 200 species of plants and vegetables sprout from every crevice of the nine storey high building with lettuces growing in drawers and tomatoes across the ceiling.

Founded By
Kono Designs
2005, 2010
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Photo via konodesigns.com
Photo via konodesigns.com
Photo via konodesigns.com


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