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Plant-in City

Building a city for plants


Creative Studio
New York
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Plant-in City is a collective set up by a group of architects, designers, and artists who create a variety of installations made from innovative terrariums around New York City. The first installation at an art gallery featured interconnected terrariums that allowed plants to speak to their surrounding environment. With a network of Arduino microcomputers with sensors for soil moisture, temperature, humidity and light, the plants are able to speak up about their different states of being. Temperature levels, wet or dry soil and air humidity all trigger different noises. With installations and exhibitions at art shows and shop windows around the city, Plant-in City creates a new way to interact with plants in an urban setting.

Founded By
Huy Bui, Carlos J. Gómez de Llarena and Jon Schramm
Photo via plantincity.com
Photo via plantincity.com
Photo via plantincity.com


Changing perspectives about plants and flowers