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A planter that gives your everyday houseplants a taste of the urban jungle


Creative Studio
Saint Petersburg
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Russian designer Maxim Scherbakov from Saint Petersburg-based studio Plan-S23 has created a new architectural planter designed to represent the urban landscape. Plantscape is made up of separate brass, limestone and concrete structures which can be arranged in various ways. Each structure is modeled after features of urban infrastructure where plants manage to sprout such as concrete cracks, tiles and ventilation covers. These become the same scenarios for your houseplant as it has to navigate the Plantscape in order to find light. Scherbakov wanted to comment on the survival of plants with this design and celebrate how they adapt to their urban environment.

Founded By
Maxim Scherbakov
Photo via plan-s23.com
Photo via plan-s23.com
Photo via plan-s23.com
Photo via plan-s23.com


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