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Growing unique flowers for atypical flower arrangements


Creative Studio
New York
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Floral designer Sarah Ryhanen began her Brooklyn-based floral studio Sapuia in 2006. She brings her unconventional style of loosely arranged bouquets to photography shoots and weddings in crumbling old châteaux, incorporating fruit and vegetables such as baby eggplants and strawberries into her compositions. Since 2012, Sapuia has grown its own flowers on a farm in Albany which focuses on cultivating more stranger varieties not commonly found in the ordinary New York flower stall. Ryhanen also runs ‘The Little Flower School’, a travelling flower arrangement workshop. With Saipua, Ryhanen attempts to harness the intense emotional effects of flowers as well as being a purveyor of the natural world to the public.

Founded By
Sarah Ryhanen
Photo via saipua.com
Photo via saipua.com
Photo via saipua.com
Photo via saipua.com


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