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Seoul Skygarden

A design to turn a disused overpass in Seoul into a flowery pedestrian walkway


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Rotterdam-based architecture firm MVRDV have won a design competition to a turn disused highway in the South Korean capital into the ‘Seoul Skygarden’. Their plan is to plant 254 species of local plants, shrubs and flowers in alphabetical order along the overpass to turn 938 metres of concrete into a lush public space. Their design also hopes to accommodate cafes, flower shops, greenhouses and street markets. Their mission is to create a lively ‘urban nursery’ which will promote the natural diversity of the city and will increase the amount of greenery in Seoul overall by serving as a place to grow new trees for surrounding parks and neighbourhoods.

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Photo via mvrdv.com
Photo via mvrdv.com
Photo via mvrdv.com
Photo via mvrdv.com


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