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Smith and Boyd

The pair freezing flowers to create ghostly and melancholic photographs


Creative Studio
Cape Town
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Artist Tharien Smith and photographer Bruce Boyd create alluring images by freezing fresh blooms in blocks of ice and dropping them into ponds in their collaborative project entitled 0˚C. By encasing these living symbols in frost, these contrasting materials produce an alienating effect for the viewer. With the knowledge that the ice will melt and allow the flowers to whither, their series comments on the themes of preservation and transience. 0˚C is the first of a three part series that seeks to use the different forms of water as a canvas. Smith and Boyd saw using ice as a way of deconstructing the clichéd flower motif in art as well as a way of enhancing and distorting the natural beauty of flower.

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Bruce Boyd and Tharien Smith
Left photo via zerodegrees.co, Right courtesy of Bruce Boyd
Left photo via zerodegrees.co, Right courtesy of Bruce Boyd


Changing perspectives about plants and flowers