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Helping Rotterdam to create more urban green spaces, both public and private


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STEK is an urban garden store and initiative run by five enthusiastic green professionals, each with their own background and expertise. They all love people, plants and making the world is a little more beautiful. STEK functions as a place for city dwellers to come get tips and advice about plants, gardening, and composting. It is a place to share knowledge and get inspired. Their mission is to allow city folk to make their direct environments greener and more liveable by providing tools, expertise, and access to a green network. The STEK team members each spend one or two days at the store, and spend the rest of the week working on their own green projects that focus on topics as diverse as participatory public design and conceptual catering.

Founded By
Eric van Ulden, Marieke de Keijzer, Marlou de Jong, Else Marie Grimmelt & Inga Villerius
Photo via stekrotterdam.nl
Photo via stekrotterdam.nl


Bringing the outdoors in