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The Plant Hunter

Travelling the world to find rare plants and flowers


Creative Studio
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Seijun Nishihata travels all around the world to find unique, rare and beautiful plants and flowers. He finds them in jungles, on top of mountains or on the edges of a cliff; for clients, but also for himself. He plants the species in his family’s botanical garden, where clients can order the plants and plant lovers can take a virtual tour of the gardens on the website. Seijun’s ambition is to drastically change the horticulture industry in Japan. He wants to break the norms and barriers of the industry, and encourage it to embrace unique plants and flowers and not be satisfied with the usual supplies. He also hopes to alter the public image of the industry, which in Japan is ranked much lower than it is in other countries. Additionally, Seijun aims to introduce the general public to the power and beauty of plants and flowers, and create a movement of plant enthusiasts.

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Seijun Nishihata
Photo via from-sora.com
Photo via from-sora.com


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