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The WELL-line

A subterranean transport line below and a thriving green oasis above


Green tech
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Architectural firm Chetwoods have just released designs for the WELL-line which foresees the renovation of the disused Post Office Railway between Paddington and Whitechapel. Spanning a length of six miles, the old underground passage is London’s largest brownfield site, redundant and gathering dust beneath the city. However, Chetwoods have identified that with the rise of online shopping, ferrying packages across the city has worsened congestion problems and hiked air pollution up by 30 percent. With the WELL-line, the Post Office Railway becomes a buzzing delivery line once more, taking away up to 70 percent of trucks and vans off the road. As well as solving pollution problems from underground, the WELL-line’s structure above ground is also designed to improve air quality immensely. A series of ‘wells’ along the line make use of air purifying technology which could clean up to 30,000 cubic meters of air every hour. A linear park will also replace the traffic on the street, providing green spaces for pedestrians.  The project has many objectives: to bring more green into the city, to address the problems of pollution and as the winner Royal Academy’s Urban Jigsaw competition it achieves the goal of ‘filling in’ the city’s brownfield sites.

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Photo via chetwoods.com
Photo via chetwoods.com
Photo via chetwoods.com
Photo via chetwoods.com

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