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Teaching city dwellers about plant care through design and innovation


Creative Studio
New York
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Tula is one-of-a-kind plant shop, born from a mutual passion for flowers and plants and their restorative powers. Wanting to create something of their own, advertising veterans Christan Summer and Ivan Martinez combined their design and plant knowledge to create Tula: a showroom, plant truck, and plant philosophy. By driving around New York on the weekends in their truck and selling unique plants from their showroom, the couple wants to raise the awareness that plants are alive. As consumers, we need to be aware of our plant purchases, make sure we can take care of our green friends and educate ourselves on which plants can thrive in our personal urban living environments. Tula announces the location of their plant truck every Saturday via Instagram. 

Founded By
Christian Summer and Ivan Martinez
Photo via tula.house
Photo via tula.house
Photo via tula.house


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