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Finding value in discarded flower heads


Creative Studio
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TulipPigments is a project by Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven and aims to find a new purpose for discarded tulip petals. Thousands of hectares of tulips bulbs are planted every year, and in order to protect those bulbs from developing fungus, the flower heads are removed and thrown away. Studio Veenhoven collects the dried petals from these flower heads and turns them into colour pigments. The project’s mission is to find an economically viable purpose for the tulip pigments. Experiments have involved creating paints, powder coating, and compressing the pigment into small, colourful objects. The experiments are ongoing and aim to create value for a raw, natural material readily available by the thousands every year.

Founded By
Tjeerd Veenhoven
Courtesy of tjeerdveenhoven.com
Courtesy of tjeerdveenhoven.com


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