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Vo Trong Nghia

The architect greening the urban landscape around the world


Ho Chi Minh City
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Vietnamese architect Vo Trong Nghia, the founder of VTN Architects, has been responsible for creating some of the world’s most amazing green buildings. From the forest-like structure of the Vietnamese Pavillion in the 2015 EXPO Milan to the FPT University in Hanoi, a patchwork of green and concrete which won the 2015-2016 Greening Architecture award. With residential buildings, VTN Architects often use foliage as a means of renovation, bringing green back into the city by installing trellises where vegetation can flourish. VTN strive to think about how architects can contribute to the environment. They seek to solve the problems of rapidly-growing cities through green architecture and low-cost housing.

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Vo Trong Nghia
Photo via votrongnghia.com
Photo via votrongnghia.com
Photo via votrongnghia.com


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