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Aquaponics at Mediamatic

Aquaponics at Mediamatic is an ongoing project experimenting with a sustainable food production system that combines the cultivation of vegetables and fish. The fish feed the plants and the plants clean the water the fish swim in. Following close observation and monitoring, the ecosystem gets stronger, until it can not only sustain itself but also protect itself from external influences. Situated in old ship-building halls at their new location, Mediamatic runs workshops as well as working on their own aquaponics set-ups. The mission is to show people how to create an efficient, self-supporting ecosystem in an urban environment. Mediamatic designs aquaponic installations on a Dutch scale, which means you don’t need a lot of space in order to grow your own food. Through workshops, events, volunteering and collaborative research, people are invited to participate and learn how they can build their own green environment at home or at the office.

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Photo via mediamatic.net
Photo via mediamatic.net