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Bioo has found a way to use houseplants as a charging device for your cellphone. Plants are everywhere, anyway, so why not use them as a source of sustainable energy? The Bioo Lite technology uses the plants’ own photosynthesis process to produce energy: the elements produced by the plant during this process can be used to spark electricity. This energy is created with or without the technology, since it’s a natural process. Bioo simply transforms it into useable electricity. The Bioo plant box works with any plant of your choice. Just add water, add your favourite plant, and plug your cellphone or tablet into the USB-socket sticking from the soil. The plant box is currently still in its productions phase, and is only the beginning. The company has already developed larger panels that can create even more sustainable energy.

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Photo via bioo.tech
Photo via bioo.tech
Photo via bioo.tech