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Created by Taiwanese biotech startup Bionicraft, Biovessel is the answer to sustainably reusing raw food waste that households produce every day. The Biovessel is first filled with soil and live worms. Raw ingredients can then be discarded into an opening at the top of the container which breaks down the matter. This process creates a rich soil which can grow plants through the other opening of the container and this soil can also be used to fertilise other house plants.

The creators of the Biovessel seek to to raise awareness about the issue of food waste in cities. They have designed this system to be functional in urban homes, allowing city dwellers to have an entire indoor ecosystem on their own kitchen counter tops. Watch an in-depth explanation of how the Biovessel workshere.

Green tech
Urban Solution
Founded by
Brooklyn Chao, Karine Feng and Chen-Hsiang Chao
Photo via bionicraft.com
Photo via bionicraft.com
Photo via bionicraft.com