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Meaning ‘little forest’ in Old English, Boskke was founded by New Zealand-born Jake and Patrick Morris who sought to bring the green surroundings of their childhoods into urban spaces. They create beautiful and unique planters with innovative watering systems which allow people to grow plants easily even if they don’t have much space. Their products include Cube, a transparent planter that exposes the soil and roots and Sky Planter, a plant pot which allows you to grow plants and flowers upside down, both visually interesting takes on the ordinary house plant. All of their models incorporate Slo-Flo irrigation technology so that you only have to water your plants every few weeks. Boskke’s aim is to bring more green into cities, homes and offices by creating stylish gardening products. It strongly believes in the philosophy that indoor vegetation improves the mental well-being of inhabitants.

Founded by
Jake Morris and Patrick Morris
Photo via boskke.com
Photo via boskke.com