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Indoor air quality is just as much a problem as outdoor pollution. In fact, the World Health Organization has listed indoor pollution as one of the most dangerous threats to our health. That’s where Clairy comes in, the planter and air-purifier powered by houseplants. Beginning as an Italian startup, Laboratori Fabrici, the Clairy team moved to San Francisco to develop their product. Clairy’s sleek Italian design makes it a pleasure to display in your home, yet within this stylish flowerpot is a whole technological system designed to clean air. A fan pulls air towards the roots of the plant where it is then filtered. Sensors send information about air quality, temperature and humidity via Wi-Fi to an app on your phone. The product is easy to use, with no filters to replace and a handy self-watering system.

Clairy’s mission is to combine technology and design to highlight the benefits of greenery in increasing our quality of living. You can watch a video of how the Clairy app works here.

Green tech
Founded by
Alessio D'Andrea, Vincenzo Vitiello and Paolo Ganis
Photo via indiegogo.com
Photo via indiegogo.com
Photo via indiegogo.com