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Dakpark Rotterdam

Dakpark Rotterdam was founded as a resident’s initiative in 2013 and functions as a social meeting place. Built on top of a shopping centre in Rotterdam West and spreading across 1200 meters, the Dakpark is the biggest city roof garden in Europe. It’s run by volunteers that represent the different aspects of the roof park. There’s the Green Group, who run the different gardens, and the Sheep Ladies who are in charge of mowing the lawns with their sheep. There’s also park guides and volunteers who keep an eye on the goings-on at the park from dusk until dawn. The mission is to allow city residents to enjoy a vast green space, but also to encourage social interaction and innovation. Dakpark is run by city makers who experiment with social urban development centred around public green spaces. They stimulate fellow city makers and share their knowledge and experience through workshops and lectures.

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Photo via dakparkrotterdam.nl
Photo via dakparkrotterdam.nl
Photo via dakparkrotterdam.nl