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Dobberend Bos

Dobberend Bos (Bobbing Forest) is an installation that consists of twenty donated trees planted into recycled former North Sea buoys in downtown Rotterdam. The forest is created from pre-existing materials. The trees are watered from a reservoir of 600 litres of water stored at the bottom of each buoy, and are set to float for 5 years minimum. Dobberend Bos explores how we can green public space, bringing to life an installation called ‘In Search of Habitus’ by Jorge Bakker, an aquarium filled with bobbers that grow small trees. The artwork raises questions about the relationship between the city dweller and nature and how the two relate to one another. The installation is produced by Mothership, whose mission is to bring art accessible to everyone.

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Photo via dobberendbos.nl
Photo via dobberendbos.nl