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Edyn is a team of scientists, designers and technologists that have created an innovative plant monitoring system that lets you know exactly what is going on in your urban garden. It comes in two parts: the Edyn Garden Sensor which is inserted into the ground and an app that connects to the sensor through your Wi-Fi to send you information about moisture, humidity, sun exposure, soil quality and even tells you what kinds of plants grow best in your soil. The app allows you to track your plants’ growth and sends you notifications about which ones need watering. The company have also released the Edyn Water Valve which is designed to fight the problems of over and under watering. So even if you don’t have a green thumb or enough time to monitor your plants, Edyn can help you grow a garden easily. The company’s mission is to give personalised gardening advice to people, allowing for optimum results in whatever they decide to grow.

Green tech
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Jason Aramburu
Photo via edyn.com
Photo via edyn.com