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Gewildgroei translates to ‘wanted weeds’, and aims to redefine the way we see weeds in our urban landscape. By definition, weeds are unwanted, considered harmful and unnecessary. Gewildgroei aims to turn that definition upside down by showing us the value and potential weeds can have for our cities. On the one hand, cities invest vast amounts of money in creating green spaces, but on the other hand they spend just as much getting rid of the green that is naturally there. Gewildgroei defines weeds as a way to work with, as opposed to against, nature. Their project Living Pavement is an open-tile system that enables spontaneous vegetation in urban public spaces. Travelling around the country, they spread their philosophy and hope to encourage city dwellers to see weeds as an opportunity for natural green space.

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Part of Incubation Programme
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Vincent Wittenberg & Bennie Meek
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Photo by Marie Wanders