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Greennest is an initiative that aims to create the ‘greenest’ spaces in the city centre. The first Greennest space is the Greennest Gallery, consisting of a shop, a showroom, and a greenroom. In the shop and showroom, you can not only find plants and seeds, but also everything you need to take care of your greenery. Led lights, practical plant pots, garden tools, organic soil, but also tools to create your own living green wall at home or at work. The Green Room can be rented by groups of up to 16 people by anyone who wants to have work meetings or host workshops in an urban green oasis. Currently in development is the GreenNest Experience & Hotel, located right next to the A9 highway. The building will serve as an urban green getaway, a chance to escape your concrete surroundings without having to go all the way to the countryside. Every floor will host its own biotope, creating a unique experience for hotel guests.

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Photo via greennest.nl
Photo via greennest.nl
Photo via greennest.nl