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Pnat is an Italian think tank and a spin-off of the University of Florence. Plants have been surviving on Earth for 450 million years. Pnat’s mission is to harness this survival knowledge to help us cope with pervading urban problems. Made up of a team of designers, architects and biologists, they strive to combine design with science to mimic the natural patterns of plants and find new sustainable solutions to environmental and social issues. For example their largest project, the JellyFish Barge, was a floating greenhouse designed to grow food on the ocean to provide for refugee camps near the water or other coastal communities experiencing food scarcity. They chose edible plants that had adapted to growing in high-salt conditions that would thrive on the Barge.

Green tech
Founded by
Cristiana Favretto, Stefano Mancuso, Camilla Pandolfi and Antonio Girardi
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Courtesy of Matteo de Mayda
Courtesy of Matteo de Mayda
Courtesy of Matteo de Mayda
Courtesy of Matteo de Mayda