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Revolution BioEngineering

Have you ever seen flowers changing colour? Blue in the morning, slowly transitioning to a setting-sun red at night? The scientists at Revolution BioEngineering are experimenting with ways to personalise your plants by turning their flowers into any colour you’d like. Through complex biotechnology, a small group of scientists is trying to change the way we experience flowers at home. What if your petunias could be red on the dining table, but pink on the window sill? What if you could change a flower’s colour to match your mood? The technology could expand the properties of a single flower and allow it to be used for various different occasions. Although very much in its experimental stages, the project could give consumer biotechnology a whole new meaning.

Green tech
Founded by
Nikolai Braun & Keira Havens
Founded in
Photo via revolutionbio.co
Photo via revolutionbio.co
Photo via revolutionbio.co