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Rooftop Revolution

Rooftop Revolution was created as a way to use city rooftops as a new location for nature to flourish in the city. Green spaces have been disappearing for years; Rooftop Revolution takes back the town by turning this problem on its head and actually using the cause of the issue for good. Rooftops are the new nature reserves.

The mission is to develop brand new nature reserves in Dutch cities. To bring back native endangered plants and flower species, and create a new ecosystem that can flourish above our heads. By helping people crowdfund their rooftops in their neighbourhood, Rooftop Revolution builds an entire community of rooftop rangers and builds future cities together.

In the future, their network and community of rangers hopes to create urban green reserves in cities all over Europe. They will start with 10.000 m2 of parks, spread across 100 roofs, in Amsterdam, and go from there.

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Suze Gehem & Jaap de Jong
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Photo via rooftoprevolution.nl
Photo via rooftoprevolution.nl