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Sprinklr started as a way to bring plants and flowers into every living room and balcony in Amsterdam. Through their website, they provide a seasonal plant box, tailored exactly to your needs, home environment and location of the plants, delivered right to your door.  An additional app provides all the information needed to grow and keep your plants blooming. Their mission is to encourage all city dwellers to fill their homes with plants and flowers, even those without a green thumb. Greener balconies and gardens can provide more natural rainwater drainage, better air quality and a C02 neutral environment. No need to be a plant expert to contribute to improving city life – Sprinklr makes city gardening smart and easy. In the future, Sprinklr will have added 30.000m2 of plants and flowers in the city. They also strive to make their company circular and 100% sustainable; recycling the grown plants and using only the best local, organic seeds.

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