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Studio Drift

Amsterdam-based design studio, Studio Drift, creates intricate light sculptures which seek to explore the relationship between technology, nature and the human environment. This was captured in their 2009 project, Fragile Future, a chandelier of geometric brass electrical circuits covered in luminous dandelions. Real dandelion seeds were individually glued onto LED lights in a meticulous process to create a perfect harmony between fragile, natural material and modern technology. Fragile Future has since then been reproduced in many versions and sizes and the same concept is repeated in one of Studio Drift’s smaller lamps, the Dandelight, a real dandelion lit up by a single battery. Studio Drift’s work seeks to demonstrate how nature can collaborate with man-made objects.

Green tech
Creative Studio
Founded by
Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta
Photo via studiodrift.com
Photo via studiodrift.com
Photo via studiodrift.com