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Created by Chinese designer Sheng-Hung Lee and Malaysian designer Wan Kee Lee, TetraPOT is the giant plant pot that is also sea-defence system. The name is a play on traditional anti soil-erosion blocks which are called tetrapods. The three pronged concrete block contains seeds and will become strenghtened as roots grow through pre-drilled holes. TetraPOT incorporates natural material into protective infrastructure. It’s design hope to not only prevent soil erosion but also grow mangrove forests which are disappearing as sea levels rise. With TetraPOT, the designers have combined artificial and natural systems, preserving both coastlines and living habitats.

Public space
Founded by
Sheng-Hung Lee and Wan Kee Lee
Photo via shenghunglee.wixsite.com
Photo via shenghunglee.wixsite.com
Photo via shenghunglee.wixsite.com