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We The City

We The City was founded by urban geographer Jesse Jorg in 2013 with the objective of motivating city dwellers to work together to ‘colour’ in public space. With We The City, Jesse freelances on a number of urban planning projects in Amsterdam, which include organising urban campsites in the city’s Oosterpark to his latest endeavour, Roef, a green rooftop festival which aims to celebrate the verdant opportunities of Amsterdam’s skyline.

Jesse’s mission is to promote the city as a blank canvas which can be programmed by everybody. Rather than designing public space without consulting local communities, he wants to change the way people view public space as something that can be transformed continuously. He sees green space as a particularly important part of this as these are extremely versatile and invitational.

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Photo via wethecity.nl
Photo via wethecity.nl
Photo via wethecity.nl