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Memory, Blood Flow and Fidelity: the Herbal Wonders of Rosemary

Memory, Blood Flow and Fidelity: the Herbal Wonders of Rosemary

Exploring the hidden wonders of everyday herbs with Hackney Herbal's Nat Mady

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From Ancient Origins

We know that rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is a great culinary herb. It works magic with lamb and mint and a single sprig can liven up a gin cocktail. But having spent a few hours with herb expert and founder of Hackney Herbal Nat Mady, we’ve discovered that the humble rosemary is a lot more besides.

The highly aromatic herb is steeped in history and culture. The name derives from the Latin for dew ‘ros’ and sea ‘marinus’, due to its Mediterranean origin. It is the key ingredient in Queen of Hungary Water, an elixir said to promote skin vitality and beauty. Because it promotes memory and stimulates blood flow it is also an emblem of fidelity for lovers and used to decorate special occasions such as weddings.  

“What I find fascinating about herbs is the history surrounding them. Herbs cross through literature and religion too and you see them referenced everywhere”, says Mady.



A Natural Remedy

Rosemary, one of the most amazing herbs according to Nat, is a perennial plant that grows and thrives for more than two years and has a much longer biological life cycle than annual and biennial plants.  It is blessed with many wellbeing and healing properties and studies have shown that rosemary can alleviate Alzheimer’s and dementia symptoms. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties; a mixture of rosemary oil blended with carrier oil such as sunflower can be a soothing muscle and joint rub. A stimulant herb, it is a surprising alternative to caffeine and rosemary tea can boost concentration and focus.


How to Harvest?

Rosemary needs to grow outdoors in grainy well-drained soil but because it is so readily available, harvesting and drying at home therefore could not be simpler. Shop bought or ‘acquired’ sprigs need to simply be bunched and dried upside down in a cool dry place for week. The dried herb will keep in airtight containers for up to two years making it a great source of goodness all year round. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab a fresh sprig of rosemary today and put it to good use!  

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