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Incubation Programme

Introducing the world’s first floriculture Incubation Programme

The Let it Grow Lab facilitates entrepreneurs and innovators working on new businesses or projects involving plants and flowers by providing them with tools to develop their ideas. Let it Grow’s five-month Incubation Programme was launched in 2016. It is the world’s first floriculture incubator which provided money and means (no equity was asked in return), and access to an extensive network of industry professionals.

The Incubation Programme offers:


As the Incubation Programme offered teams a free workspace during their five-month residency, the Let it Grow Lab at Amsterdam B.2 became their second office. Here, you will be able to work in a stimulating environment and find yourself a part of a community of like-minded individuals that share ideas and motivate one another.

Training & Mentorship

The Incubation Programme’s mission is to equip participants with the knowledge to grow their business. In 2016 this came in the form of weekly trainings covering everything from lean startup methods to team composition, intellectual property to growth hacking, and pitching to financial administration.

Each team was matched up with a dedicated mentor who worked with them during the entire programme. They were given access to an array of industry professionals whose expertise brought them to the Lab for specific and varied purposes. We also offered workshops which provided insights into the inner workings of the industry.

Seed Funding

Teams were offered €10,000 seed funding (no equity was asked in return). As an initiative of Royal FloraHolland, the selected teams were expected to make use of the products grown by the company’s members, who make up the majority of the current marketplace.

Networking Opportunities

Teams had access to Royal FloraHolland’s extensive network of professionals such as growers and distribution partners. These insiders offered floriculture-specific information about topics such as logistics and plant characteristics. We gave participating entrepreneurs wide-ranging exposure via Let it Grow’s communication channels.