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Facilitating businesses and projects working with plants and flowers

Our mission is to facilitate green innovations that work with plants and flowers to improve city living. Located in B.2 Amsterdam, we provide them with the tools needed to let their enterprises grow.

Incubation Programme 2016

Incubation Programme

Seven teams received €10,000 seed funding and entered a five-month programme that included weekly training and dedicated mentorship.

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Green Desks

Work with peers, future clients and sector experts at our home base in Amsterdam.

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Broker Services

Get access to the extensive network of Royal FloraHolland and get introduced to innovators in the floriculture industry.

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Artist Grant

Let it Grow Lab offered a €10,000 grant to an artist who is changing our perspective using plants and flowers in their work.

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Incubation Programme Calendar 2016

  • May 10
    Launch Let it Grow

    Start of the Innovation Call and the launch of our platform

  • Sept 10
    Innovation Call Closes

    Last day to submit green ideas

  • Sept 17

    21 initiatives are selected from 100+ applications

  • Sept 23
    Selection Day

    Selected participants pitch their ideas to a jury

  • Oct 10
    Class 1

    Selected startups are announced

  • Oct 24
    Opening Let it Grow Lab

    The official opening of the Lab at B.2 Amsterdam

  • Oct 25
    Start Incubation Programme

    7 startups start their 5 months of training

  • April 3
    Let it Grow's Greenhouse Festival

    Class 1 presents itself and its progress

Meet Class 1

Check out the entrepreneurs from the first Incubation Programme

What the teams are saying

“We’re very pleased and grateful to have been selected for Let it Grow Lab’s Incubation Programme. We look forward to exchanging ideas with the mentors, the other teams, and potential customers. And above all, we can’t wait to completely turn the floriculture industry on its head.”
Martijn Lukaart Gardian
“We’re very happy to be part of the Incubation Programme. Thanks to Let it Grow’s network, expertise and guidance, it will be easier to achieve our ambitious goals. It's also great to see that our missions are so similar.”
René Voogt ConnectedGarden
“We've followed Let it Grow from the start and share their dream of creating a greener city. We are very happy to be one of the lucky few that will get support, funding and access to so much knowledge via the Lab. We're ready to take the next big steps together with Let it Grow!"
Suzanne van Straaten Sprinklr
“As a recent graduate, it’s such an honour to be selected for Let It Grow Lab’s Incubation Programme. I’m one step closer to realizing my dream, which is to bring this magical technology into homes and allow people to experience ‘living energy.’”
Ermi van Oers We Umbrella