A Journal exploring the value of plants and flowers


Pikaplant makes keeping plants easy with self-watering, nature-mimicking plant pots, vertical gardens and jars. Pikaplant One is a vertical garden with an ebb-and-flow irrigation system. By imitating the wet-dry cycle of ground water, it allows your plants to decide how much water they need. Tableau is an automatic house plant watering tray that allows you to grow plants, crops and herbs on a small scale. Pikaplant Jar is a plant you never need to water. The plants are sealed inside a humid jar that continuously recycles the air and water inside, making the plant completely self-sufficient.

The mission is to make a world where growing healthy indoor plants is easy. A plant-rich environment makes people more creative, more productive, and reduces stress levels and air pollution.

Founded by
Daniel Sutjahjo & Joost van Uden
Founded in
Photo via pikaplant.com
Photo via pikaplant.com
Photo via pikaplant.com