Call for Incubation Programme 2017 - 2018 is now open

Green tech

Merging the latest technologies with plants and flowers

Introducing Class 1: Gardian


We catch up with co-founder Martijn Lukaart about the plant-monitoring system keeping you up close and personal with your plant.

Introducing Class 1: Living Light


Ermi van Oers tell us about the magical possibilities of plant electricity and her product, Living Light, a lamp that harvests its energy through bacteria in the soil.

A playground for art and science


Mediamatic Biotoop is a bustling hub for collaboration across art, technology, design and sustainability with a focus on Life-Sciences and Bio-Design.

Introducing Class 1: ConnectedGarden


The days of anxiously peering out of the window, wondering whether your plants have enough light or water, are over. Meet ConnectedGarden.