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Urban farming

Providing alternatives to how we cultivate, process, and distribute food

Lemon Verbena

Beauty & Peace: The Herbal Wonders of Lemon Verbena


Lemon verbena is a real super herb, Nat Mady tells us. It is carminative, sedative, and eases feverishness, stress and tension.

Achilles’ Secret Weapon: the Herbal Wonders of Yarrow


Yarrow is rooted in mythological mystery, explains herb expert Nat Mady.


Memory, Blood Flow and Fidelity: the Herbal Wonders of Rosemary


This week, we explore the hidden wonders of Rosemary with herb expert Nat Mady.

How to Forage for your Food


In preparation for their workshop at the Greenhouse Festival, we caught up with de Onkruidenier to hear about their passion for creating edible experiences.